Saturday, October 30, 2010

My How Time Flies

OH my gosh, where has the time flown? I had two weeks off and they are gone! I have thoroughly enjoyed my time off and I feel like I have made the most of it. My house is clean and better organized. I went shopping, had lunch and breakfast with friends, blogged, took pictures and walked the trail with Lewis. So, all in all I am pretty satisfied with my little vacation. Oh and did I mention that I also slept? Glorious sleep. Every morning the boys leave at 7am for school and work and Lewis and I would go back to bed for about two was delish. Yesterday (Friday) I took Halloween cupcakes to my new co-workers and introduced D and S to everyone. I am really excited about my new job. It's going to be a great change in my life. If I haven't mentioned David also starts a new job Monday at Starkist...yes the tuna folks. We will go from an abundance of canned veggies to canned tuna. Yum, yum. So, a lot of change going on right now for us but good change. Here are a few pics. I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Halloween weekend. Can't wait to report about my first day on the job.

Spencer with Yolanda and Darlene, taller than Yolanda almost taller than Dar!

Spencer gave his fries from Crabby's a thumbs up! They were yummy!

Boy and his dog walking the trail

Lewis loving his new bed and keeping a hold of his bone

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